What To Do When Your iPhone Won’t Charge

Have you plugged your iPhone into the charger but it doesn’t work? Have you tried switching on and off the switch but nothing works? Have you tried plugging your charging cable into your computer and your iPhone still won’t charge? Well, there could be some issues with your phone that need to be checked immediately. Before you start panicking, here are some tips you should try out to make sure it starts charging again.

1. Hard Reset The Phone
It’s the first thing to do when you find that your iPhone won’t charge. That way, you can identify any software malfunction that might be causing the issue before checking the hardware. Keep in mind that the software on your phone is responsible for charging and not the hardware, so that’s why this is an important first step.

To hard reset your phone, hold down the volume and power button simultaneously for iPhone 7 and the newer versions while for the iPhone 6S and the older versions, you should hold down the power and home button. Press the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen and release. Try charging your iPhone again but if it doesn’t work try the remaining tricks. Also, make sure to check out updates covering upcoming fresh bugs and issues with iPhones become

2. Check For Damage On The Charging Cable
Grab the charging cable and check for damage on both sides on the end used for charging. If there are any signs of wear, it could be the reason that your phone isn’t charging. If there’s no visible wear and tear, try charging your phone from a computer rather than directly from a wall socket. Interchange the charging options to find out the culprit. If one of the options charges your phone then there’s no problem with the charging cable. If charging your phone directly from the socket or a computer doesn’t work, you should try charging with a different cable. If it works, then the problem was with your cable.

3. Clean The Phone’s Charging Port
Check the charging port found at the bottom of your phone for any gunk using a flashlight. If there’s any debris, it could be the reason why your phone isn’t charging because the cable doesn’t make a complete connection. Keep in mind that the charging port has 9 connectors so if any of them is blocked by debris, your phone will not charge. Use a soft brush to clean out the gunk and make sure you choose a cleaning brush which won’t conduct electricity.

4. Restore Factory Settings
If your phone is still having issues charging you need to restore the factory settings. Before doing this, you need to make sure everything is backed up in iTunes. A factory reset is also referred to as DFU restore and it restores your iPhone to the original state in which you bought it. Therefore, everything that you have added to your phone since you bought it will be erased completely. Once you have done a factory reset, you should be able to restore everything from iTunes effortlessly and your phone shouldn’t have more issues with charging.

5. Hardware Damage
If your phone still won’t charge, there could be some hardware damage, especially if you spilled some liquid on it. If any liquid comes in contact with the 9 connectors found in your phone’s charging port, then they are completely fried. If that’s the case, you can visit your local Apple store to change the hardware to make sure your phone continues charging. Make sure you disclose the nature of liquid that was spilled on the iPhone to make sure the experts can replace the damaged areas without any further issues.